• Lethis – Daring Discoverers

    Lethis – Daring Discoverers

    Lethis – Daring Discoverers is an exploration game. You are playing one of five adventurers looking for extraterrestrial artefacts . To obtain your goal, you'll have to make many different choices, just like a choose-your-adventure-style book ! The tiniest mistake may cost your life... Luckily, the scientists of Lethis invented cloning – a very efficient technique... Read more
  • Event[0]


    Event[0] is an award-winning narrative exploration game where you must build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home. Read more
  • The Call Of Cthulhu

    The Call Of Cthulhu

    In Call of Cthulhu, players will control Edward Pierce, a former veteran and private investigator in 1920s Boston. Pierce will be investigating the tragic and mysterious death of Sarah Hawkins and her family in Darkwater Island. Read more
  • Tour de France 2016

    Tour de France 2016

    Embody the greatest cycling champions competing to win the yellow jersey along the 21 official stages of a Tour de France 2016, packed with exciting new features. Read more
  • Hiroba


    Puzzle Game basé sur les couleurs jouable sur iPhone et Android. Read more
  • DCNS: Passerelle du futur

    DCNS: Passerelle du futur

    Passerelle de combat du futur de DCNS: une installation 7.1 vouée à être installée dans les prochains navires de combats réalisés par la DCNS. Read more
  • Foley'Torium


    Studio d’enregistrement de bruitages pour lequel je réalise certains enregistrements de dessins animés, courts métrages et long métrages. Read more
  • Navaga


    Audioguide Interactif dans le musée d'Angoulême. Read more
  • Kultur Breakdown

    Kultur Breakdown

    Podcast culturel : Cinéma, Comics, Séries, etc... Read more
Sound Design, Mixage, Montage, Interactivité, Composition Musicale.